Changing Address Tips

August 14, 2012

When changing address there are many things to remember to do and many things that can get forgotten along the way. Our years of experience moving people means we have been able to put together a list of things people wish they hadn’t forgotten when changing address.

Here they are:

  • Pick up personal records: When people move towns they often forget to pick up their records from various offices such as medical record and vet records for pets.
  • Keys and valuables: Another common thing people forget to do when changing address is keys and valuables. People often keep hidden a spare set of keys or even valuables in a place only they know. Come moving day, with so many things to remember to do, this can be easily forgotten. Make an effort to visit any secret hiding places before you move home.
  • Change of address: Notifying employers, government offices, banks, schools, friends and family that you are changing address.
  • Other people’s possessions: People too often move house and leave unknowingly with possessions that are not theirs whether it is a borrowed book or DVD. Return them to stores or friends before you move.
  • Final Clean: Check the house when it’s empty, top to bottom, for any stray items you might have left behind. Whether you want them or not, try to remove them from the property before you leave.
  • Garage Door Remote: Leave the garage door remote somewhere easy to find, like the kitchen counter for example. Too many people usually forget and drive off with it when they leave for their new destination.

These are just some of the things to consider before you move and, once you hire your furniture removalist Bendigo, you are already well on your way to easing the stress of your relocation.