All About Your Romsey Move

November 22, 2012

Located sixty-five kilometres north of Melbourne, south of Lancefield and in the shire of Macedon Ranges, Romsey is a town of a few thousand people with a lot to offer. Still reasonably close to Melbourne but with all the benefits and beauty of the surrounding Macedon ranges, Romsey’s high commuter population testifies to its appeal.

Moving to or from this lovely town? We can assist you with all your moving needs.

This includes:

  • All your general moving requirements
    This includes our complete packing and unpacking services for domestic and commercial premises. We can arrange insurance and we can also arrange cartons.
  • Storage facilities
    We offer reliable and well priced short and long term storage, including commercial storage
  • Backloading
    Professional backloading services between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as in regional Victoria
  • Handling delicates
    Whether it be pianos, antiques and just fragile/delicate items, we can be trusted to move your valuable or cumbersome items with care and professionalism.

Need removals Romsey?┬áDon’t hesitate to get in touch!