Safely and effectively moving multi-level homes

May 27, 2014

Your removalist of choice for Castlemaine and surrounds

Castlemaine is a small former gold mining town located in the goldfields region of central Victoria. The town is situated between Ballarat and Bendigo and is approximately 120 km’s from Melbourne.

If you need a local furniture removalist our experienced professionals service Castlemaine and surrounding areas for home and office relocations. Recently our team helped a family relocate to Castlemaine from their double-storey home in a nearby suburb. The father landed a new job as a horticulturalist (horticulture is one of the major industries of the area).

The family were concerned because they had a lot of heavy, bulky and expensive furniture on the second storey of their home. They felt that once it made it to that second storey, it wasn’t coming back down (much like trying to fit a saucepan set back into its original box – a seemingly impossible task).

Our team have moved many double-storey homes (in and out of them!) and always take utmost care to ensure your furniture is moved up and down stairs carefully. They problem solve to find the best solution with difficult pieces of furniture and awkward stair cases, unless it was craned into the top storey before the roof was put on, then you can guarantee if it got up there, we can get it down again!

Ropes, pullies, sheets, blankets and more are all used to safely and effectively manoeuvre king-sized beds, pianos, bookshelves, futons, pool tables and any other tricky piece of furniture up and down multi-level homes.

Have you recently sold your double-storey home, or moving into one for the first time? Leave the back-breaking work to the experts, contact us for a furniture removalist servicing Castlemaine.