Backloading – a cheap removalist option

September 25, 2014

So you’re bidding farewell to the famous Coat Hanger, leaving your home in Alexandria in Sydney’s inner-east and need a reliable cheap removalist to get your furniture from NSW back to Victoria?

Before you book a company to transport your goods, consider the benefits of backloading. And then think Badger Removals, based in Woodend in regional Victoria. We’ve got trucks that travel interstate frequently – to destination including Sydney – and we offer competitive rates for ourbackloading service for full or partial loads on the return trip from NSW and other routes.

It’s a good option, where customers get a professional service  at a cheap rate for transportation of their treasured possessions. And it means our trucks aren’t returning empty to our Victorian depots including Melbourne. Positive story all round.

For people relocating south from NSW, it’s well worth finding out whether you are on one of our extensive backloading pathways. Our trucks are always on the move across this vast, wonderful country and the chances are that our quality backloading service can help, easing the relocation stress on your mind and your wallet.

So if you do have a prized piano or pool table in Alexandria, NSW, and need to relocate it to your new Victorian home in Bendigo, Brighton or wherever it may be, then please contact us. We’re experienced, professional and cheap removalists and we’re here to help.