Great furniture removal deals with backloading in Bendigo

December 24, 2018

Did you know that using our backloading services to Bendigo can be a money saver?

When our trucks deliver a load interstate, it’s a waste for them to return to Victoria with nothing on board.

Our backloading services gives clients the opportunity to get their goods transported to Victoria at a highly-competitive rate. And they save money in the process, because they don’t have to foot the bill for a return trip.

Badger Removals’ well-maintained fleet is always on the move across Victoria and into New South Wales and Queensland. This means we have a great range of backloading options available at convenient times from states up Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Backloading is a fantastic, cost-effective option for people who have furniture interstate and want it transported back to Bendigo. And while the customer can make savings, it’s also a win for our company too because we don’t have to drive empty trucks home.

While the price of backloading is a real draw card, there are plenty of other advantages that flow from hiring Badger Removals for the job.

Our team has strong experience in delivering stress-free moves for people across state borders. Whether you just want a single item of furniture relocated to a new property or an entire house full of possessions shifted, we can help.

We have built a reputation for quality service and that’s what we strive to deliver every job we tackle. With a great knowledge of the industry, our team knows the correct way to safely lift and transport items big and small.

Perhaps you’re moving from Queensland to Bendigo for work and need all the contents of your home to make the journey with you. Maybe you’re heading south to study. Whatever the reason, our backloading services can help.

If  you would like more information about backloading to Bendigo, contact Badger Removals today.