As we are all aware of the COVID 19 pandemic and it is a serious threat to public health, we are proceeding with caution.

We are trading and taking phone bookings as we are under the essential service’s banner of freight, logistics and home delivery.

We will continue operating until instructed by the relevant authorities. In the meantime, we will be using ‘contactless moves’ to ensure the safety and health of our staff and clients are maintained.


This service aims to minimise the risk of viral transmission. This requires steps from our customers and our movers. It is essential that you read and understand the following.

What we need from you:

  • At the time of booking an exact inventory will be required.
  • We will need to know what exactly is to be moved so the right items are shifted.

Instructions for access

  • If you’re going to be at home, let us know that you are leaving the door open.
  • If you’re not there, where can we find the key to the home?

Label all Items

  • Attach instructions to your items so the movers where to put them at the delivery point.

Clean and prepare the property

  • Please clean all high traffic areas e.g. door handles, knobs with disinfectant.
  • Please wipe down all hard surfaces on your furniture and also the cartons using disinfectant wipes.

Isolate yourself

  • Please make sure you arrange to be off-site while the removal teams work at the property.
  • If you cannot be off-site, be in another part of the home behind closed doors.
  • You can speak to your mover over the phone or from a safe distance of 1.5 metres and relay the message.

Payment Information

  • Please provide your credit or debit card details over the phone which we will securely store and put the payment through on completion of your move.
  • We will email you a receipt upon processing of the payment.
  • We cannot accept cash or EFTPOS in person.

Assisting our movers

  • Under normal conditions, customers love to assist in handling items. This is no longer an option at this time.
  • We have the right to leave the job where our movers feel at risk as this is a public health issue.

Please let us know:

  •  If you’re living at a property and the tenants or residents have recently been overseas or in self-isolation for any reason.
  •  If you’re feeling unwell and have any symptoms, the home is to be cleaned, you must leave and provide someone else to provide access e.g. close friend or family member.
  • If you are on your own, contact us and we can try to make other arrangements.
  •  If you are a high-risk category or elderly. We ask that you leave the property and a family member or friend oversees your move.

What are we doing?

  • Disinfecting vehicles at the start and end of the day;
  • Keeping up with strict hygiene and social distancing protocol;
  • Regular use of sanitiser and washing hands with soap and water frequently;
  • Staff also wearing gloves for protection; and
  • Face masks have been ordered for staff to wear.

All staff are aware that if they have any symptoms, they are not to attend the workplace and must consult their doctor for advice.

We are an essential service at present and would like to stay a valued and important service to our community. Stay well, stay safe.