Packing tips for breakables by furniture removalists in Bendigo

November 2, 2013

Badger’s furniture removalists in Bendigo offer professional and trustworthy services in many locations within and around the region. Packing is cumbersome enough without worrying about precious items like glassware, delicate ornaments and trinkets and even photo frames.

How do you protect your items from chipping and breaking?

You will need:

  • Sturdy boxes
  • Plenty of bubble wrap
  • Strong packing tape and
  • A thick black marker

It’s a good idea to group your items together – so don’t throw all your delicate items into one box. Group your chinaware together, then your glassware, photo frames and framed pictures/paintings, and group them to be put into separate boxes. Delicate items that are the same or similar shapes will stack and pack better than putting all your breakables together. You certainly can stack glasses for instance – just make sure they are individually bubble wrapped.

Take a sturdy box and ensure the bottom is securely taped shut to prevent contents from falling out once you pick it up. Line the inside of the box/carton/crate with a few layers of bubble wrap so the entire box is cushioned. Then, individually bubble wrap each item. Don’t start packing them until all wrapped – it’ll be easier to envision what will fit where.

Once everything is wrapped and protected beging gently stacking/packing the items into the box – try and have a system with it rather than just piling it all in. Don’t overfill the box so breakables at the bottom have a lot of weight on them, but also try not to leave it to gappy so things are rattling around.

Tape the box securely shut, then, using a thick black marker ,write “BREAKABLES” or “FRAGILE,” because once you finish packing, all your boxes will look the same. Make sure your breakables are packed last and not at the bottom of all your other boxed items to further prevent breakages.

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