Looking for a Local Woodend Removals Service?

May 21, 2012

Are you moving to Woodend or looking to move within Woodend? Then your Woodend removals service needs to be locally based – the benefit of local knowledge means you get a local removal companythat has the knowledge and experience for you benefit from an affordable, efficient and professional service.

Woodend is a beautiful part of the world so make your move an easy one. We provide all our readers with ongoing removal tips to make your move as easy as possible with the key being – planning. Read our April blog for moving tips 1 and here is removal tips part two.

More Moving Tips:

  1. Keep things together.  Make sure things are kept together when packing. For example, keep picture hooks with pictures, light bulbs with lamps, cords with electrical items etc. Put small parts in small plastic bags and tape to the relevant accompanying item. A Parts Box is a good idea for all cords, parts, pieces etc.
  2. Pack Ahead. This will save time on the moving day. Get everything you don’t need immediately out of the way – pare everything down to the basic essentials.
  3. Cleaning Supplies. Keep cleaning supplies together for cleaning after everything is out (or hire a cleaner).
  4. Use Your Luggage: Ideal for items you need straight away after the move – sheets, towels and clothes.

Here’s hoping these tips are of help, there will be more to come next month. In the meantime, organise your Woodend removals now. We’re here to move you.